Tasty Italian Carrara Pastries

I am so excited to share this week’s dessert adventure. When I was deciding on which bakery to visit, I came across Carrara Pastries’s page on Yelp with a stunning 5/5 stars. Pictures and reviews of the Italian bakery immediately made me hungry to try the desserts. I drove out to Agoura Hills with a friend and found Carrara nestled in a gorgeous modern building with glass walls and dark wood floors. I walked into the bakery and I fell in love with the clean, chic look of the bakery.

photo 1photo 4photo 2

I walked over to the display of delicate looking desserts to choose desserts to satisfy my sweet tooth. A friendly associate approached me with a smile and talked to me about the most popular pastries. I was so lost! I couldn’t decide on what dessert to choose. With my friend’s input and the helpful associate, I picked out the Frittelle voule and the Profitterole sul cucchiaino.  Now here’s one of the biggest things that made my visit to the bakery amazing, I only paid about $8 for desserts that tasted more than they cost!

photo 4

photo 3photo 2

photo 1photo 5

I’m not the biggest fan of cream puffs, but these two pastries were to die for. Both the Frittelle vuote and the Profitterole sul Cucchiaino had a crunchy and sweet layer on the outside and  on the inside, a lightly whipped and sweet cream filling. I was delighted to taste the delicate flaky outside on top of the cream! I did not expect the pastry to be so… well… delicate. I would have to say though, my favorite was the Profitterole sul Cucchiaino. I mean, based on my previous posts, I’m pretty sure it’s safe for you to say that I am a chocolate lover. I can’t go on without my daily dose of chocolate. Now, the Profitterole sul Cucchiaino had an outer coating of dark chocolate. Rich, creamy, sweet, yet slightly bitter, dark chocolate. I could not stop raving about it to my friend. She even exclaimed, “Wow, I guess you really like that dark chocolate one…” What can I say? Chocolate is #1.

If you dessert lovers want to try some good Italian pastries, I HIGHLY recommend visiting Carrara Pastries. Visit their website at http://www.carrarapastries.us/ for more information!

It looks like Delectable Desserts has reached the last post. Or maybe not. I’m always trying new dessert places and I’m open to any suggestions! Feel free to comment/message me if there is a particular dessert you would want me to blog about. 🙂 In the meantime, Sweet treats and Sweet Dreams



La Mousse Dessert’s Star – the Chocolate Espresso Bar

This week’s Delectable Dessert is from La Mousse Desserts! This post is different because it’s not exactly a restaurant… I was on Yelp when I read all of these comments from reliable Yelpers that raved about La Mousse and their bars, cupcakes, and cheesecakes. I was intrigued by the popularity of this place, so I drove my sweet tooth down to La Grange to hopefully satisfy the sweet craving of the week.

photo (2)

I was a little bit confused when I first arrived at La Mousse Desserts. It’s location is not exactly in a cute or modern business center. In fact, it’s on a corner in between a small gym and an empty lot. I parked in the back and walked to the entrance. I  met a kind woman inside who explained to me that La Mousse’s popular method of sale is through wholesale, but they did have retail. I asked what the most popular pastry was and she excitedly listed the delicious sounding desserts, but what sounded most scrumptious to me was the Chocolate Espresso Brownie Bar. I don’t know about you, but I just salivated at the thought of that.


The sweet lady who sold the bars to me informed me that it would take about 20 minutes for the bars to defrost, but I would also be able to freeze them and keep them for about a week or so. I drove back home and waited 2o minutes to try the bars. Longest 20  minutes ever. But the wait was worth it.

photo photo (1)

The chocolatey, espresso-y goodness! When I bit into the bar, it was so soft and I could smell the wonderful mixture of chocolate and espresso. There was a surprise inside – nuts! The nuts added a nice crunch and light taste to the rich chocolate and delicate espresso. There were a lot of bars in the box, but by the time I was done with them… let’s just say I should’ve bought more than one box. Once you start, you can’t stop. That, my friends, is true when it comes to these incredible bars from La Mousse Desserts

I don’t quite understand why the Yelp review was 4.5/5… My rating was a 5/5. I highly recommend that you, and your sweet tooth, go visit La Mousse Desserts. GO CHOCOLATE ESPRESSO BARS!


“The taste of sweet perfection,” indeed. Stop by next week to find a new treat to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Sweet Dreams!


Sweet Lady Jane & the Triple Berry Shortcake Reign


Sweet Lady Jane Bakery. A quaint looking boutique on the outside, but on the inside it’s almost like you’re in Paris (not that I have ever been.. I just imagine it to be. Like in the movies). Marble tables are set up all ready to go with mint green napkins and sparkly silverware. Cakes lined up looking so delectable! You see what I did there? 🙂 The menu was a mirror and the menu was written in different colors. The owner really paid attention to detail!

photo photo_1

Now let’s move on to the good part of the post – the cake. I went up to the kind man who was working behind the delicious looking array of sweets and told him it was my first time there. “Well, our most popular cake would be the Triple Berry Shortcake. But if you like, we also have our Red Velvet, or our Chocolate Cake or…” the list went on and on. I decided to go with their most popular product – the Triple Berry Shortcake.

*Let me take a detour for a minute. The customer service here is incredible. The man behind the counter was so friendly and made conversation very easily. He asked me if I was eating the cake at home or at the bakery and when I responded with, “For here please!” he told me to pick a table and personally placed the cake on the table for me. That earned points in my book. *



Back to this scrumptious looking piece of yum. Let’s take a look at the different layers. Seven. 7. Seven different layers in the cake! And I, of course, count the shortbread parts layers too. When my fork cut through the cake, it went through… just try to imagine this: a creamy white layer of frosting followed by some delicate shortbread cake, bittersweet raspberries, more delicious shortcake, frosting and blackberries, some more delightful cake, strawberries, and to finish it off at the bottom, that fabulously fluffy shortbread cake.

If that description didn’t get you drooling, then I don’t know what to tell you.

I give Sweet Lady Jane my own rating of 4.5/5 stars. Almost everything was heavenly, but I thought that the shortbread could have been a bit less dry. Other than that, I was pretty much satisfied with a local Yelp foodie’s suggestion. I for sure want to go back to try their Red Velvet (that’s my favorite kind of cake). But for now, I will have to say that Sweet Lady Jane left my taste buds wanting more.

And that wraps up my second post for Delectable Desserts! Check back next week for another fantastic LA dessert shop!


Sweet Dreams!


Urth Caffe & the Tiramisu Soiree


With 4/5 stars on Yelp, it’s impossible to not want to try it out. If you have ever gone to Urth Caffe before, you are familiar with the quaint little house-like building that sits in between the concrete walls of restaurants and nail salons. The brick walls and dim lighting is quite appealing against the busy streets of Los Angeles. Add to that the scrumptious aroma of freshly baked desserts and freshly brewed cups of coffee and you’ve got yourself the perfect place to dine.

Reviewers on Yelp rave about the pastries at Urth, so I decided to try a classic  that is most definitely known among dessert lovers – Tiramisu.


Now, most Tiramisu cakes that I eat are generally very moist to the point where when you bite into the cake, it is almost too soft to eat. This Tiramisu, however, was not like those typical ones that you can get at your local grocery store. The cake was beautifully decorated with a perfectly swirled topping of whipped cream and coffee beans and dainty chocolate shavings along the sides. It took a lot for me to not dig in as soon I got the cake, but I had to take a photo (you got lucky this time, readers). Let’s move on to the actual taste of it.


Look at that beauty. I took a forkful of the cake and was immediately immersed in the soft, cushiony taste of the cake. There was a delicate balance of coffee and chocolate. Not one taste overwhelmed the other. The spongy mixture of the cake with the slightly crunchy texture of the chocolate shavings was enough to make me drop my phone to finish the Tiramisu off. Let’s just say the Tiramisu had no chance of lasting longer than 10 minutes once it was placed in front of me.

If I can say one thing about those Yelpers, it would be that they are right about this place. The dessert was the perfect amount of chocolate and coffee and not once did I feel like I was tired of the Tiramisu. If you want a great place to grab coffee and dessert, Urth Caffe is one for the books. Yelp wasn’t lying, and I can vouch for them, about Urth and it’s nice 4/5 star rating.

That’s it for tonight, fellow sweet tooth lovers. Check up on Delectable Desserts next week to see which dessert I devour next!

Sweet Dreams!