Urth Caffe & the Tiramisu Soiree


With 4/5 stars on Yelp, it’s impossible to not want to try it out. If you have ever gone to Urth Caffe before, you are familiar with the quaint little house-like building that sits in between the concrete walls of restaurants and nail salons. The brick walls and dim lighting is quite appealing against the busy streets of Los Angeles. Add to that the scrumptious aroma of freshly baked desserts and freshly brewed cups of coffee and you’ve got yourself the perfect place to dine.

Reviewers on Yelp rave about the pastries at Urth, so I decided to try a classic  that is most definitely known among dessert lovers – Tiramisu.


Now, most Tiramisu cakes that I eat are generally very moist to the point where when you bite into the cake, it is almost too soft to eat. This Tiramisu, however, was not like those typical ones that you can get at your local grocery store. The cake was beautifully decorated with a perfectly swirled topping of whipped cream and coffee beans and dainty chocolate shavings along the sides. It took a lot for me to not dig in as soon I got the cake, but I had to take a photo (you got lucky this time, readers). Let’s move on to the actual taste of it.


Look at that beauty. I took a forkful of the cake and was immediately immersed in the soft, cushiony taste of the cake. There was a delicate balance of coffee and chocolate. Not one taste overwhelmed the other. The spongy mixture of the cake with the slightly crunchy texture of the chocolate shavings was enough to make me drop my phone to finish the Tiramisu off. Let’s just say the Tiramisu had no chance of lasting longer than 10 minutes once it was placed in front of me.

If I can say one thing about those Yelpers, it would be that they are right about this place. The dessert was the perfect amount of chocolate and coffee and not once did I feel like I was tired of the Tiramisu. If you want a great place to grab coffee and dessert, Urth Caffe is one for the books. Yelp wasn’t lying, and I can vouch for them, about Urth and it’s nice 4/5 star rating.

That’s it for tonight, fellow sweet tooth lovers. Check up on Delectable Desserts next week to see which dessert I devour next!

Sweet Dreams!



7 thoughts on “Urth Caffe & the Tiramisu Soiree

  1. Hey Dianne!

    I love your blog idea!
    And I always enjoy going to Urth Caffe! I always feel so healthy and satisfied in the end. If you haven’t already definitely try there boba drinks next time, I wasn’t a fan of boba until Urth. You have got me craving tiramisu now!

    P.S. if you haven’t already been to Alcove Bakery and Cafe, you should make it one of your next stops. It’s an adorable little cafe, I recommend the Princess cake 🙂

    -Minela Eisaeian

    • Hey Minela!

      Thank you so much for your support 🙂 I’m a huge fan of boba, but I’m scared to try to boba places because I had a bad experience once… Haha!

      I’ll go ahead and try Alcove! Maybe that will be in blog! Thanks for the recommendation! I’ll give you a shoutout. I’m so excited to check your blog out!


  2. Hi Dianne!

    I love Urth Cafe! I have never tried their Tiramisu, which is odd because I love it. Next time I’m around I’ll be sure to stop by and try it. Thanks for the review!


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