Sweet Lady Jane & the Triple Berry Shortcake Reign


Sweet Lady Jane Bakery. A quaint looking boutique on the outside, but on the inside it’s almost like you’re in Paris (not that I have ever been.. I just imagine it to be. Like in the movies). Marble tables are set up all ready to go with mint green napkins and sparkly silverware. Cakes lined up looking so delectable! You see what I did there? 🙂 The menu was a mirror and the menu was written in different colors. The owner really paid attention to detail!

photo photo_1

Now let’s move on to the good part of the post – the cake. I went up to the kind man who was working behind the delicious looking array of sweets and told him it was my first time there. “Well, our most popular cake would be the Triple Berry Shortcake. But if you like, we also have our Red Velvet, or our Chocolate Cake or…” the list went on and on. I decided to go with their most popular product – the Triple Berry Shortcake.

*Let me take a detour for a minute. The customer service here is incredible. The man behind the counter was so friendly and made conversation very easily. He asked me if I was eating the cake at home or at the bakery and when I responded with, “For here please!” he told me to pick a table and personally placed the cake on the table for me. That earned points in my book. *



Back to this scrumptious looking piece of yum. Let’s take a look at the different layers. Seven. 7. Seven different layers in the cake! And I, of course, count the shortbread parts layers too. When my fork cut through the cake, it went through… just try to imagine this: a creamy white layer of frosting followed by some delicate shortbread cake, bittersweet raspberries, more delicious shortcake, frosting and blackberries, some more delightful cake, strawberries, and to finish it off at the bottom, that fabulously fluffy shortbread cake.

If that description didn’t get you drooling, then I don’t know what to tell you.

I give Sweet Lady Jane my own rating of 4.5/5 stars. Almost everything was heavenly, but I thought that the shortbread could have been a bit less dry. Other than that, I was pretty much satisfied with a local Yelp foodie’s suggestion. I for sure want to go back to try their Red Velvet (that’s my favorite kind of cake). But for now, I will have to say that Sweet Lady Jane left my taste buds wanting more.

And that wraps up my second post for Delectable Desserts! Check back next week for another fantastic LA dessert shop!


Sweet Dreams!



4 thoughts on “Sweet Lady Jane & the Triple Berry Shortcake Reign

  1. I will most definitely need to pay Sweet Lady Jane a visit soon. I am a total foodie, but sweets are my weakness. I would enjoy dessert before a main course, if I wouldn’t be stared at and judged. Perhaps I’ll decide to try the red velvet when I go and circle back with you so we can compare and contrast the two cakes, or what the heck, why not try both? After all, it is the holiday season!! I can get away with a little gluttony, right? Thanks for sharing!

    • Yussel! I am the exact same way! I sometimes start and end meals with dessert. No shame! That sounds great. I’m always willing to try new desserts and share notes with others. Let me know when you have tried the Red Velvet.

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