Tasty Italian Carrara Pastries

I am so excited to share this week’s dessert adventure. When I was deciding on which bakery to visit, I came across Carrara Pastries’s page on Yelp with a stunning 5/5 stars. Pictures and reviews of the Italian bakery immediately made me hungry to try the desserts. I drove out to Agoura Hills with a friend and found Carrara nestled in a gorgeous modern building with glass walls and dark wood floors. I walked into the bakery and I fell in love with the clean, chic look of the bakery.

photo 1photo 4photo 2

I walked over to the display of delicate looking desserts to choose desserts to satisfy my sweet tooth. A friendly associate approached me with a smile and talked to me about the most popular pastries. I was so lost! I couldn’t decide on what dessert to choose. With my friend’s input and the helpful associate, I picked out the Frittelle voule and the Profitterole sul cucchiaino.  Now here’s one of the biggest things that made my visit to the bakery amazing, I only paid about $8 for desserts that tasted more than they cost!

photo 4

photo 3photo 2

photo 1photo 5

I’m not the biggest fan of cream puffs, but these two pastries were to die for. Both the Frittelle vuote and the Profitterole sul Cucchiaino had a crunchy and sweet layer on the outside and  on the inside, a lightly whipped and sweet cream filling. I was delighted to taste the delicate flaky outside on top of the cream! I did not expect the pastry to be so… well… delicate. I would have to say though, my favorite was the Profitterole sul Cucchiaino. I mean, based on my previous posts, I’m pretty sure it’s safe for you to say that I am a chocolate lover. I can’t go on without my daily dose of chocolate. Now, the Profitterole sul Cucchiaino had an outer coating of dark chocolate. Rich, creamy, sweet, yet slightly bitter, dark chocolate. I could not stop raving about it to my friend. She even exclaimed, “Wow, I guess you really like that dark chocolate one…” What can I say? Chocolate is #1.

If you dessert lovers want to try some good Italian pastries, I HIGHLY recommend visiting Carrara Pastries. Visit their website at http://www.carrarapastries.us/ for more information!

It looks like Delectable Desserts has reached the last post. Or maybe not. I’m always trying new dessert places and I’m open to any suggestions! Feel free to comment/message me if there is a particular dessert you would want me to blog about. 🙂 In the meantime, Sweet treats and Sweet Dreams



3 thoughts on “Tasty Italian Carrara Pastries

  1. Every time I browse your blog I wind up hungry. Usually even after I’ve just finished a meal. Your pictures once again capture the desserts amazingly, and I’m sure pictures do the dessert no justice.

    I will definitely have to try all these places once we wrap up the semester.

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